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About Our Practice.

Piece of Cake, located in Panama City, FL, is a medical weight loss clinic that aims to improve patient health and wellbeing by addressing many aspects of wellness including diet counseling, physical activity, behavior management, medication, data monitoring, and body composition sound nutrition and a healthy diet. 

Piece of cake is led by a team of medical professionals that are certified in obesity medicine and are committed to helping clients safely achieve their weight goal, maintain their weight loss, and improve overall wellness.

Meet Our Team.

Piece of Cake was founded by female healthcare providers April Kimmel and Connie Eadie after they began their own weight loss journey in 2019. 

Together, they lost over 100 lbs through the discovery of more effective weight management techniques and by supporting each other through their weight loss journey. After becoming certified in obesity medicine, they decided to open a weight management clinic to share their knowledge and support others in their journey towards sustainable wellness. Now they are helping hundreds of individuals meet their weight loss goals through a proven approach, which they too continue to follow to this day.

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